Using Employment Transition (a.k.a unemployment) To Study Best Practices and Great Ideas.

My new Transition stared two months ago when my council and I mutually agreed to separate.  As a city manager, these transitions are common and ideal times to self-reflect while painting rooms in the house or alphabetizing the refrigerator shelves.  One of my Transition resolutions was to dive into social media. While in the last ten years social media became a staple of professional exposure and promotion, I was too busy putting in 15 hour days to truly explore the benefits of social media. I see the light!!!.  I get it now.   

One of my new habits has become to periodically participate in Fb, Twitter and LinkedIn and as of now, start a blog. Once I set the goal of starting a blog, the next question was: to say what???

As I research my next possible tour of duty, I am learning about innovations, best practices, experiments, and just general ideas about municipal services and non-profit activities.  Looking for work, forces us to investigate information that we would not necessarily research otherwise. Preparing for interviews exposes us to new knowledge. Yay!!!

I will share in this blog, new ideas, models, practices, views, stuff that municipalities are doing that is COOL and PRACTICAL- C&P. 

The C&P Award goes to…

City of Leavenworth WA.

If you like Oktober Fest, you must know Leavenworth and if you don’t, I am sorry.  For general reference here are some links

I could write about the majestic Cascade Mountains that hug the town; or the Bavarian rebranding that saved the community from economic ruin; or the incredible mountain biking, hiking and rafting. That shall wait.  I want to introduce the readers to Leavenworth City Council’s Circle of Communication.  

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The Council of this small town of two thousand residents understood that it needed to increase quality and quantity of communication between the residents and their government. 

In an effort to help the people of Leavenworth be heard and feel heard city staff created a framework of the different ways citizens can give input and how the information would flow once received.  This framework is illustrated to left. The information came from Councilwoman Bretz’s blog:  The framework is C&P- COOL because of its simplicity. PRACTICAL because it does not require a budget amendment or special legislation or a retreat.  This is what the circle says:

Juan Resident has an issue, what’s next?

Door #1- The Executive Door: Mayor (strong Mayor town) or City Administrator. 

Door #2- The Legislative Door: The council.

Door #3- Attend regular council meeting.

Door #4- Social media and good-o’-show up to city hall.

How?- depending on the door, there are general next steps. See red, blue, purple and green slices. 

The information is not earth-shattering or ground breaking.  The manner in which it is presented is cool and practical. That’s what I like about it.  As a City Manager or Administrator I like fast food ideas; ideas I can easily consume with one hand, easy to digest, easy to get and ready anytime.  

That’s it.  One circle. Four doors. Cool. Practical. Simple. 

Danke Leavenworth. !!